5 Key Factors to Keep Your Sales Operations Project on Course

Sales Project Risks

“One of our biggest findings was how much companies spend on sales operations. Special projects account for a significant amount of time and resources.” (McKinsey & Company)

McKinsey reports one high-tech company spent up to 30% of general & administrative expenses on sales operations when broadly defined as “all activities that support a quota-carrying sales team” and were “stunned by the level of spend”. Chances are, you don’t even have a sales operations budget line item unless that’s where you stash your Salesforce.com subscription fees, much less 30% of G&A. If you consider the time and energy consumed by cross-function and executive alignment with sales, you can imagine how it all adds up.Continue Reading

Which Department is the #1 Alignment Point for Sales Ops?

Sales Finance Alignment

“90% of Sales Operations jobs require cross-function collaboration with key departments. Finance and Accounting are specifically called out most often, with Marketing a close second.”

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5 Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Quarterly Business Review

QBR Template: Enterprise Sales“50% of the value of quarterly business reviews comes from preparation and not the presentation”


Much of the remaining value comes from ensuring company resources are efficiently allocated to the right deals, products and teams early in the fiscal quarter. For this reason, it is important to have the right players at the table, not just the sales and SE team. Depending on the scope of the review – regional, geography or worldwide – you should consider stakeholders who prioritize and allocate resources in support of the sales team and the company’s quarterly sales goal.  Product management, marketing, legal, finance, sales operations, exec-staff, consulting and support should all be considered.Continue Reading

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