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Broadly defined, Sales Operations includes everyone in the organization that supports a quota-carrying sales force. The cross-functional nature of the sales operations role and emphasis on strategic sales initiatives make sales ops the central  execution engine for continuous sales improvement in high-tech companies. For any meaningful change to take hold in the sales organization’s DNA, a strong anchor point is required to connect the field to marketing, finance and the executive team. The importance of the sale operations role continues to increase and there just is not much out there in terms of resources to develop the requisite skills and expertise.

“Does your company have a program to develop your skills and career in Sales Operations?”

Sales Operations professionals are the primary target audience here, but everyone who interacts with and supports the sales organization can benefit from the leverage gained when sales is properly aligned with the company objectives. My objective is to help you become better at your job with an efficient, self-paced approach. You can benefit from the victories and battle scars experienced by my clients and employers who learned these lessons the hard way.

About Neal

During my 20 year career in technology sales, I’ve performed every headquarters and field sales role from enterprise sales rep to vice-president of worldwide sales. I’ve been in the boardroom and inner circle of multi-billion dollar technology companies as well as the portfolio companies of Silicon Valley’s most respected venture capital firms. Since 2009, I’ve been the CEO of an independent consulting firm focused on Sales Operations.  Tech company CEOs, CFOs  and VP Sales are often referred to me by investors or board members. My job is to help clients navigate a major challenge in the sales organization and help put them on a path to sustainable revenue growth.

I believe that I can help more people through this website than I could ever affect one at a time in my consulting business and  hope you’ll join me. You can connect with me via the email contact page, LinkedIn or Twitter

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