5 Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Quarterly Business Review

QBR Template: Enterprise Sales“50% of the value of quarterly business reviews comes from preparation and not the presentation”


Much of the remaining value comes from ensuring company resources are efficiently allocated to the right deals, products and teams early in the fiscal quarter. For this reason, it is important to have the right players at the table, not just the sales and SE team. Depending on the scope of the review – regional, geography or worldwide – you should consider stakeholders who prioritize and allocate resources in support of the sales team and the company’s quarterly sales goal.  Product management, marketing, legal, finance, sales operations, exec-staff, consulting and support should all be considered.

Sales leaders will frequently resist expanding the audience for these reviews. Reasons range from negative past experience to insecurity and desire to control the flow of information. Company leadership should not tolerate the latter two. However, the key to ensuring a positive experience is to prepare each participant on the primary reason they’ve been invited – to provide expert guidance and partner with sales leadership to allocate scarce resources. There are many secondary benefits and objectives, not least of which is to evaluate the veracity of the company sales forecast. Secondary objectives should be handled in a post-review debriefing and not permitted to slow down the pace of the quarterly business review.

Online tools such as Go-to-Meeting make a virtual QBR especially attractive. You can record the session, which is great for accountability. You must be willing to master the format to be engaging – no filibustering or death by PowerPoint permitted.


5 Best Practices

  • Commit – schedule dates for the rest of the year right now
  • Consistent format – maximize dialogue by keeping content short and to the point
  • Prepare – clarify expectations for all participants and attendees
  • Focus – kick-off with 15 minutes all-hands to paint the big picture company objectives
  • Accountability – a simple scorecard reflecting your sales process and forecast methodology will enhance your management debriefing


One last piece of advice for reluctant Sales VPs. When the company misses a quarter, especially when the forecast drops in the final weeks,  I promise you there will be a quarterly business review forthcoming. If you have planned it in advance, it will be at the time and format of your choosing. If not, it will be forced upon you in a form you’ll hate and diminish your stature in the organization. Lead from the front.


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Quarterly Business Review PowerPoint Template


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