Accountability is Your Key to Access the Inner Circle

Sales Operations Manta - All Others Must Bring DataFor all of the people who claim to want a “seat at the table” and question why it is the VP of Sales your CEO includes in the inner circle. One word –Continue Reading

Pipeline Analytics: Keep it on the Radar

SFDC | Pipeline AnalyticsThe strength of opportunity management is collecting real-time data as close to the customer as possible. When aligned with sales process discipline and weekly cadence, it is the most powerful predictive tool you have. 3rd party applications available through the AppExchange such as InsightSquared or comprehensive solutions like Tableau and Birst offer rich functionality compared to exporting SFDC data to Excel for reports and graphs, especially for trend analysis.


One Mistake, Big Consequences

Even the best analytics application is worthless if you get just one thing wrong. Continue Reading

Sales Compensation Software: 2 Qualifying Questions

Sales-Compensation-SoftwareThis question was posed as a follow-up to a previous article on enterprise sales compensation and discussion in the LinkedIn Sales Operations Group.

One of the first AppExchange add-ons to most of us consider is automating the labor intensive, error prone sales compensation process. But, like most IT projects, automating a bad compensation system just moves you further from your goal and trades one problem for another.Continue Reading

Biggest Challenge in Sales Operations is still…

Lead Management | Sales OperationsIn a short interview this week, I was asked about major challenges and sales initiatives for sales operations. You can read the interview with Glider’s Elaina Ransford here.

The biggest challenge (and opportunity) has not changed much in 5 years. We’re still adjusting to the massive shift in how we Continue Reading

3 Metrics to Restore Confidence in Your Compensation Structure

How to Handle Challenges to the Sales Compensation PlanIn this morning’s e-Staff meeting, your CEO implies the sales compensation plan is over-paying. If there is no rebuttal, an offhand remark becomes an issue. Some executives are naturally inclined to accept anecdotal comments as fact and if your VP of Sales has no data to support, deny or confirm – the fire drill of the day is backpedaling out of the conference room and headed your way.Continue Reading

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