Enterprise Gamification: The Basics

Enterprise Gamification


“Always work with human nature. If you absolutely must work against it, don’t expect to get away with it for very long.”

We seek to hire ethical sales people with outstanding interpersonal skills. But, we also expect them to be fiercely territorial and competitive. Where you get in trouble is when you have sales operations policies in place that depend upon sales people working opposite the very personal characteristics that make them successful. Team selling incentives and commission split policies are just two trouble spots. When I see overly complicated incentive programs that rely on sales reps being “coin operated” or motivated to “work the comp plan”, red flags start going up.

A clear understanding of how to motivate the enterprise sales force is extremely important to how we design compensation and build accountability into everything we do. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a close look at the emerging field of Gamification and its application to enterprise sales operations.

Gamification: The use of game elements and design in an enterprise sales context.”

This slightly modified definition is from a University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business course taught by Professor Kevin Werbach. The book “DRIVE” by Daniel H. Pink is another source of creative approaches to motivation and performance incentives that may be implemented through policy or SaaS applications that integrate with Salesforce.com such as Bunchball and Xactly.


Enterprise Gamification Questions

  1. What non-cash rewards such as recognition have the greatest impact on measurable achievement?
  2. What early intervention consequences or negative rewards are most likely to lead to positive results?

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