A simple, well-defined compensation and incentive plan is one of the most important attributes of a growth company and a competitive differentiator when it comes to creating a work environment where the very best people want to work. 68% of companies rely upon sales operations leadership to plan, design and implement the sales compensation plan.


Sales Comp Plan: Keep it Simple

Compensation Plan fits on a Business CardAlign sales compensation with company strategy. Protect the company’s economic interest and still offer a compelling incentive plan to attract top talent. A lot of otherwise good ideas may be a poor fit for your company in 2015.  What’s the best way to keep creative compensation ideas from becoming an error-prone administrative nightmare?

“Your incentive compensation plan is your organization’s way of communicating top priorities. Plans with a boatload of components don’t communicate much at all.”
–  Xactly

Here are 5 factors to consider to make sure you’ve got the simplest compensation plan that will still get the job done.
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Sales Compensation Software: 2 Qualifying Questions

Sales-Compensation-SoftwareThis question was posed as a follow-up to a previous article on enterprise sales compensation and discussion in the LinkedIn Sales Operations Group.

One of the first AppExchange add-ons to most of us consider is automating the labor intensive, error prone sales compensation process. But, like most IT projects, automating a bad compensation system just moves you further from your goal and trades one problem for another.Continue Reading

3 Metrics to Restore Confidence in Your Compensation Structure

How to Handle Challenges to the Sales Compensation PlanIn this morning’s e-Staff meeting, your CEO implies the sales compensation plan is over-paying. If there is no rebuttal, an offhand remark becomes an issue. Some executives are naturally inclined to accept anecdotal comments as fact and if your VP of Sales has no data to support, deny or confirm – the fire drill of the day is backpedaling out of the conference room and headed your way.Continue Reading

Sales MBOs – Never Mistake Activity for Achievement

Sales MBOsA Director or Sales Operations has better than a 50/50 chance that she will write and evaluate her own MBO this quarter. Sales VPs are notoriously bad at administering MBOs. It is a fire drill early in the quarter, forgotten for a few weeks and an administrative headache on the back end.

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Which Department is the #1 Alignment Point for Sales Ops?

Sales Finance Alignment

“90% of Sales Operations jobs require cross-function collaboration with key departments. Finance and Accounting are specifically called out most often, with Marketing a close second.”

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