87% of Sales Operations professionals have Performance Management, Analytics and KPIs as primary job responsibilities. Executive dashboards, ad-hoc reports and other visual data summaries are primary elements of the program.


Sales Comp Plan: Keep it Simple

Compensation Plan fits on a Business CardAlign sales compensation with company strategy. Protect the company’s economic interest and still offer a compelling incentive plan to attract top talent. A lot of otherwise good ideas may be a poor fit for your company in 2015.  What’s the best way to keep creative compensation ideas from becoming an error-prone administrative nightmare?

“Your incentive compensation plan is your organization’s way of communicating top priorities. Plans with a boatload of components don’t communicate much at all.”
–  Xactly

Here are 5 factors to consider to make sure you’ve got the simplest compensation plan that will still get the job done.
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Sales Forecast Accuracy: 3 Obstacles You Need to Overcome

Sales Forecast Accuracy

An important predictor of consistent sales success is the ability to set, manage and meet expectations. This holds true whether you are customer facing, dealing with executive management and especially with investors. The pattern no one likes to see is a sales forecast that starts high in week 1 and gradually diminishes as once promising opportunities push out into an uncertain future.Continue Reading

Quarterly Business Review: 8 QBR Mistakes to Avoid

Opportunity Score | QBRThe Quarterly Business Review is either your best opportunity every 90 days to build accountability, commitment and focus on the company’s most important goal – achieving its revenue forecast. Or, it can be a painfully tedious waste of everyone’s time. The choice is yours. Here are 8 common problems to avoid.Continue Reading

The Zero Dollar Opportunity – 3 Reasons to Ban Placeholders in Your CRM

CRM | Zero Dollar PlaceholderHave you ever been part of a sales organization where the pipeline is loaded with $0.00 value transactions early in the quarter?
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Weighted Forecast: Objective Science or False Sense of Security? Expected Revenue Chart The one mistake that causes the greatest loss of political capital and confidence is an unexpected drop in the sales forecast that occurs after week 8. Once the executive staff loses confidence in the sales forecast, decision-making deteriorates and the company risks turning a single miss into a downward spiral. The weighted forecast (or expected revenue) gained traction as an objective method for the CFO to do a quick check on whether the company could afford to believe the sales forecast when getting it wrong could crush share price or trigger a RIF. A purely objective forecast where responsibility falls on the “model” and not the individual manager has a great deal of allure, especially when it comes time to CYA.Continue Reading

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