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Sales Enablement Report

2015 Enterprise Sales Enablement Research by Neal MurphyThis 21-page report is published in an easy-to-read format that is of full charts and visual summaries of our research in enterprise software and Saas. Over 70 high-tech companies are included in the report based upon the Sales Enablement positions they created and filled during the past year.


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2015 Sales Enablement Report

Sales Activity: Leading Indicator or Symptom of Bigger Problems?

Sales Activity Assessment Everything went great last year, so you took on an aggressive growth number for the new fiscal year with a steep ramp in the second half tied to the hiring plan. Now, the company has missed its bookings target for the second quarter in a row and faces a pipeline deficit for next quarter. Marketing has data showing MQLs from content downloads and webinars are up. The sales team is adamant that both the quality and number of leads are down. Executives wants answers and a get-well plan. The conclusion: both field sales and the business development team need to be making more calls to increase overall activity. Sound familiar?Continue Reading

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Sales Operations Track | Sales Acceleration Summit 2014

March 13, 2014 – Sales Acceleration Summit

Join me and 80 other industry thought leaders in sales strategy and operations as they share their secrets in a rapid-fire series of online presentations at the 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit. Speakers include Matt Dixon, author of “The Challenger Sale”,  Michael Bosworth,  Gartner Group, Forrester Research and 80 more.

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Sales Training: Whose Job Is It?

Enterprise Sales Coaching

“Most managers seem to feel that training employees is a job that should be left to others.  I, on the other hand, strongly believe that the manager should do it himself.”
Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel


In the high-tech industry, ownership of sales training by sales operations is on the decrease and the more specialized field of sales enablement is increasing. Ownership may be down, but involvement is well over 60% according to ESO Research. For too many sales organizations, sales training and enablement is ad hoc with no clear owner. We schedule the occasional Power Point presentation from product management and declare it “enablement” – which is a disservice to both the product manager and the sales team. This approach misses the mark on essential aspects of coaching sales people – situation and context.Continue Reading

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