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2014 Sales Acceleration Summit


Sales Operations Track

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Sales Operations Track | Sales Acceleration Summit 2014

March 13, 2014 – Sales Acceleration Summit

Join me and 80 other industry thought leaders in sales strategy and operations as they share their secrets in a rapid-fire series of online presentations at the 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit. Speakers include Matt Dixon, author of “The Challenger Sale”,  Michael Bosworth,  Gartner Group, Forrester Research and 80 more.

View Now: Leveraging Compelling Events in Your Sales Approach

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Sales Tools: Are You Guessing What Content the Sales Team Needs?

“80% of the content created by marketing for sales never gets used”.

Measure the Impact of Sales Content

I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a sales organization to talk about content and they tell me: “Marketing doesn’t create any content for us”. When I take the feedback to marketing, they show me hundreds of content pieces they have created over the last couple of years.  
Craig Rosenberg via KnowledgeTree


What is the real reason your sales team is not leveraging the sales tools and content you think they should?

One of the most important concepts in enterprise selling is – No Guessing. Ask the customer and they will tell you exactly what you need to know; provided you’ve established both relevance and credibility. Continue Reading

Sales Training: Whose Job Is It?

Enterprise Sales Coaching

“Most managers seem to feel that training employees is a job that should be left to others.  I, on the other hand, strongly believe that the manager should do it himself.”
Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel


In the high-tech industry, ownership of sales training by sales operations is on the decrease and the more specialized field of sales enablement is increasing. Ownership may be down, but involvement is well over 60% according to ESO Research. For too many sales organizations, sales training and enablement is ad hoc with no clear owner. We schedule the occasional Power Point presentation from product management and declare it “enablement” – which is a disservice to both the product manager and the sales team. This approach misses the mark on essential aspects of coaching sales people – situation and context.Continue Reading

Quarterly Business Review: 8 QBR Mistakes to Avoid

Opportunity Score | QBRThe Quarterly Business Review is either your best opportunity every 90 days to build accountability, commitment and focus on the company’s most important goal – achieving its revenue forecast. Or, it can be a painfully tedious waste of everyone’s time. The choice is yours. Here are 8 common problems to avoid.Continue Reading

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