3 Ways to Add Value to the Forecast Call

Adding Value to Sales Forecast Call



“Average Close Rate for Forecast deals is 46%”




ActivityBetOdds to Win
source: CSO Insights
CrapsPass Line48%
Sales ForecastClose Rate46%

Why? Closing new business is challenging and sales rep optimism is just part of life. Would you really want hire a pessimistic sales person? The weekly forecast meeting is a big part of your sales culture and a necessary check and balance. Use it to:

  • Coach your sales process
  • Modify Opportunities to reflect sales management’s perspective
  • Allocate resources to the right deals at the right time
  • Validate the integrity of the company forecast

Accountability for the right actions at the right time affects how people spend their time. A sales person who knows for sure he will asked a follow-up question on Monday at 9:00 in a public forum will operate differently than one who is not. Always bear in mind, forecasting new business is tough and committing to a number requires courage. Hold the sales team accountable, but respect the people and respect the job they do for your company.

Add Value
1. Format

No skill is more appreciated than running an efficient meeting.

  • Cadence:  Participants know exactly what to expect
  • Sales Process:  Have a copy in front of you during the call
  • Data:  Know the company average for each key metric
  • Questions:  Co-author a standard list of great questions with your Sales VP
  • Pace:  Use IM or Chatter to orchestrate people on and off the call
2. Decisions

A good forecast call accomplishes the objective of the sales team as well as management. Have decision-makers on the call so standard approvals and resource requests can be handled right then and there. Use your cross-function relationships to expedite approvals with finance, legal, marketing, professional services and support.

3. Follow-up

Spend a few minutes at the end of the call to prioritize still-outstanding resource requests and approvals  Most likely, some of the call participants will have called from a mobile phone and do not have full CRM access. If opportunity record adjustments (stage, commit, amount, close-date) were made on the call, ensure records are updated so that a clean pipeline can be rolled up soon after the call.


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