Accountability is Your Key to Access the Inner Circle

Sales Operations Manta - All Others Must Bring DataFor all of the people who claim to want a “seat at the table” and question why it is the VP of Sales your CEO includes in the inner circle. One word – Accountability.

Personal accountability is the willingness to put a number on the board, own it and accept the consequences. Accountability takes courage. Some people will do anything to avoid accountability and tell themselves they have less access due to favoritism and office politics. Step up, be accountable, and deliver; you will always be an insider.

One warning – Courage without good data is just another resume with 8 start-ups in 10 years. Sales Operations exists to make sure the hard decisions are made with the best facts possible.

About Neal Murphy

Neal Murphy is the publisher of Enterprise Sales Operations and former VP of Worldwide Sales & Operations with 20 years experience in enterprise technology.

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